Transition Programs

Career and Employment Options, Inc. (CEO) was founded on the belief that the unemployment and underemployment rate for students in special education and adults with disabilities is not a social ill to be managed, but to change.  We have dedicated ourselves to the premise that all students must be given the opportunity that puts them on equal footing with their peers to compete in the job market.

CEO’s purpose is to work with a district to provide a teaching and instructional format for those core skills that students in special education will need in the workplace.  Through direct and indirect services, adherence to CDOS performance indicators, implementation of IEP goals and activities, we enable districts to achieve compliance for their students in special education for Indicator 13 and 14.  Most importantly, we provide those services that ensure a student has a seamless transition.  When CEO is included in a school district’s special education program, the district has a head start in addressing:

  • Indicator 13 and Indicator 14
  • IEP Goals/Activities and Core Curriculum Standards
  • College and Employment Preparation Programs
  • Staff and Parent Training
  • Career and Community Experiences and Instruction

CEO focuses upon all the areas of transition and develops solutions for our districts to meet that mandate and create systems to address these areas for the long term.

They include:

  • Vocational Assessments including Levels I, II and III.
  • Career counseling and training for students.
  • Resume/Portfolio development for students.
  • Employment opportunities in their local communities.
  • Job coaching supports.
  • Linkages to the Department of Labor and One Stop Centers.
  • Assistance in the development of School/Business Partnerships
  • Assistance in IEP development and compliance for transition.
  • High school to post-secondary education supports.
  • Linkages to state agencies regarding future services.
  • Training for school personnel regarding transition services.
  • Training for school personnel in the development of IEPs.
  • Travel Training and development of travel management strategies.
  • Community access training and use of the student’s own community.

Overview of CEO Transition Services

Internship Program

Employment skills are developed on an individual student basis. Through on-site monitoring, student feedback and potential employer comments, students receive individualized instruction on a continued basis.  As part of the student Internship Program, employment training classes are provided to ensure students have the requisite skills necessary for successful employment.

Work Experience – CEO developed a cost effective program that enables a group of students to experience employment internships in a highly structured manner.

World of Work Tour – The World of Work Tour is culminated within an internship program enabling students to experience the aspects of employment to enrich their perception of what the world of work looks like firsthand.

Community Access Training – Students receive information regarding resources which are available to them in the community.

Travel Training – For those requiring it, the Travel Training component is designed to teach students with disabilities how to travel safely and independently on public transportation.

Work Experience

Districts use this model to ensure IEP goals have activities and reports to correspond with goals.  Students go to worksites 3-4 times per week and engage in internships while learning the basics of work, develop skills, work tolerances, social skills and skills regarding the tasks assigned.  We work with local businesses that provide the students with a work outline of the jobs. Students are provided instruction from CEO staff and from the business employees as well.   This experience gives the district the opportunity to review the potential for the student to be employed after high school.  Students work at each site approximately 6-8 hour per week and each site lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. Monthly evaluations are provided by the business using CEO forms. The sites can include the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Office/Clerical
  • Warehouse
  • Food Services
  • Healthcare
  • Construction & Building Manufacturing
  • Animal Care