Mission and Vision


Career and Employment Options, Inc. has a mission and a focus that we believe separates us from other organizations in our field.

Mission Statement:

The mission of CEO is to provide quality services and linkages for transition, careers, and employment for individuals with special needs using innovative and collaborative systems.  CEO implements our services by including the individual, their families, district personnel, and the business community as a whole.  CEO sees the entire process of transition in schools, careers and employment as requiring the collaboration and cooperation of all the members of that community to create solutions for success.

Vision Statement for CEO:

The Vision of CEO is to become nationally known and regionally based organization that redesigns, reinvents and fundamentally changes transition services in schools and the way individuals with special needs obtain and maintain their careers and employment.  Our Vision for the future of our client districts, their students and our adult clients is the transition to a workplace that recognizes and utilizes their skills.  Our Vision is the elimination of the differences in employment rates for disabled and non-disabled individuals.


CEO provides transition and employment opportunities for students and adults in special education, 504 and general education by addressing the “Big Picture”.  We are dedicated to providing solutions for the staggering issue of unemployment for individuals with special needs by working closely with the student and adult to change this chronic problem.  Chronic problems require systematic and long term answers and CEO provides these solutions.  We, at CEO, have determined that the key for success is a professional and motivated staff.  CEO staff are dedicated to change and outcomes.

Formulating strategies to meet regulatory compliance and trying to address the issue of transition one student at a time is not enough! CEO works with an entire community to address the issues.

CEO Provides:

  • Employment services
  • Vocational and Assistive Technology Evaluations
  • Career Services for workforce preparation
  • College prepatory services for students with special who are pursuing college careers. Our Upward Options post secondary program is currently being used by many of our school districts.
  • College support services for students with special needs who are college enrolled.
  • Community based training within their students/clients home communities.
  • Program services for Alternative High School and “disengaged” students for entry back to high school.
  • Regulatory compliance support regarding transition.

The capacity to provide these services in a manner that is satisfactory to the students, adults, districts, and families requires definitive systems, strong networking, with businesses and innovative program models.  CEO has these qualities as well as a strong commitment to our clients.