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Bridgehampton’s Middle School Growth Careers Day:   Engaged and Excited Students—A “Real World” Education Day

June 19, 2017:  On Thursday, June 15, eight Long Island companies provided interactive, hands-on, “real world” education to Bridgehampton’s middle school students.  Representing growth industries such as Information Technology, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Green, these students spent their school day learning about these industries, companies and jobs through active learning.

What did the students learn about?  The following represents the participating companies, their industries and their topics:

Company           Industry Topic
Brookhaven National Laboratory Life Sciences Find the diameter of your hair/ My tonic water is purple
CLIMB (Citizens for Long Island Manufacturing and Business) Advanced Manufacturing Careers in Manufacturing:  Manufacturing can be Challenging, Rewarding an Excellent Income Provider
CW Arborists Green Outlining the role of Arborists in the Green Industry and their role in the conservation and protection of trees.  Starting with the soil and working up to the top branches of the biggest trees, we will discuss and illustrate the occupations and specialties in the field.
Digital OneSource Consulting Solutions IT (Information Technology) Providing Technology Solutions to forward minded business owners
East Hampton Physical Therapy Healthcare Our booth will be screening and educating students on appropriate backpack fitting as an example of one way physical therapy can help preventively treat middle school students.
East/West Industries Advanced Manufacturing 3D Print Models, Prototyping, Research and Design
Long Island Science Center Sciences Careers in Science
TESLA Science Center Life Sciences Cleaning up our Waterways

In addition, they were treated to a delicious lunch, sponsored and catered by Almond Restaurant, located in Bridgehampton, a local business that acquires most of their ingredients from local farms.

The students’ feedback about each exhibit will provide information regarding what jobs they learned about, whether they would be interested in pursuing these jobs, speaker feedback, skills necessary for the job, whether they learned new things, and have a better understanding about the company having just attended this event.  In addition, Educator feedback included noting how engaged the students were, and how interesting the exhibits were as well.

We look forward to continuing to educate our Long Island students about growth industries on Long Island and connecting businesses to their future workforce.  Thank you to the proactive businesses and the Bridgehampton School District for their commitment to their companies and students.


CEO (Career & Employment Options) Receives Town of Oyster Bay Grant—

Goals:  Career Exploration and Student Engagement

June 1, 2017:  Launching today with students from Plainedge and Carle Place, this WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) grant will promote student transition from high school to either post-secondary education or vocational skills programs and employment after high school.  CEO was chosen due to its long history (since 2005) of delivering individualized transition services to students and adults.  This grant offers career and academic support, paid internships and jobs to students qualifying due to various challenges and needs.

Though this program will begin now, it will run through the summer and will include the 2017-2018 school year.  During this time, students will have the opportunity to visit post-secondary institutions, career fairs, trips to Long island companies, guest speakers, job shadow days, and volunteer projects/community involvement.  By focusing on drop-out prevention, work readiness skills and preparation for either post-secondary education or employment, students will receive a very personalized program centered on their interests and abilities.  Interest inventories will help with the placement for some paid summer jobs and internships.  Employability skills will be assessed and enhanced through CEO’s own curriculum.

Other services will include:  job coaching, financial literacy, entrepreneurial instruction for those students interested, Upward Options–CEO’s post-secondary education preparatory program and Back 2 Basics Program to reconnect students to the fundamental components of a successful life.

“This program enables CEO to work with students in general and special education in their pursuit of their careers and a more defined road toward their post-secondary education.  Working in partnership with district staff, we believe this program can impact students at a crucial time in their academic life.” Nicholas Villani, President, CEO

“Often times, students that have disengaged from their school have become disenfranchised from their community as a whole; we believe that programs such as this are vital in providing students a sense of belonging and a niche in their community.  We at CEO are enthused at the opportunity to inspire this diverse population of students.” Kim Gucciardo , Administrator, Transition Services

School personnel will be meeting with students to explain eligibility and program requirements.  CEO is looking forward making a difference in these students’ lives and offering this critically important program.

If you would like more information about this topic or to participate in programs/events, please contact LIsa Strahs-Lorenc at 631-234-6064×106 or


Career Services for People In & Beyond Special Education

 CEO is proud to announce the availability to the school districts and adults we serve our new curriculum “Career Services for People In & Beyond Special Education. This curriculum and web-based program interfaces with CDOS Standards and enables a district, their students and adults to meet the new regulatory requirements while preparing people for new American world of work. It enables a school district to document, monitor and track their student’s performance through CEOTrackit, a computer program designed by CEO that provides monthly reports to school districts.

What compelled us at CEO to embark on such an ambitious project was to create continuity and quality into every session of instruction that our Career Consultant’s engage in. We wanted to ensure that our staff, our districts, our students and their families all had the structure that they understood to not only meet CDOS Standards, but also met the requirements of today’s workforce.   Conceptualized through W.E. Deming’s quality management systems, CEO has taken the variation out of the instruction of Career Services, but left the creativity in.

This curriculum propels CEO into one of the few, if not only agency that has risen to invest considerably in innovation for solutions to address new regulations. We refused to not just react to the new credentials and standards, but create solutions for the people we serve.

Please click HERE to access our Curriculum Presentation.


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