Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics is a program that originated from the University of Minnesota that is intended to provide disengaged students the support that they require to both stay in school and graduate. We call this program Back 2 Basics or B2B because we believe it provides a structure that certain students require that is a more traditional approach to coaching, connecting, and remaining in regular contact with the student.  It is an approach that believes that a student who becomes disengaged requires their entire school and family community to enable them to get back to the basics of their educational careers.  The theme of B2B is that a disengaged student needs an overall sense that the school, family and people in the community care about their future and is doing something to help them.  Once in place, the student will respond to the connections and improve their lives.

Students selected are generally students that are in high school or alternative high schools that do not participate in most school activities.  They may have difficulties at home, may come from disadvantaged backgrounds but most importantly, have been recognized with the capacity to re-engage and become successful.  Included in the program is the opportunity to work and get paid in an internship related to their career choice (if the student is not in school or in anAlternative High School program) if possible.  The student can work while going to school through the Department of Labor’s Workforce Improvement Act funding or be directly employed by an employer and CEO will provide any necessary supports. Career exploration and employment development are a strong structural component of the program.

Districts have contracted Career and Employment Options, Inc. (CEO) for this program.  CEO assigns a Career Consultant, who has been trained in B2B, to have regular meetings with students chosen for the program. The Career Consultant will connect with each of the school, home and community relations and assist the student in any of their needs.  This can include teachers, coaches, employers, administration clinicians, parents or guardians.  This following up is to ensure that these relations are in place or need to be monitored.  Once the connection is in place, the Career Consultant will check in regularly to ensure the relationship exists and/or continues.  The Career Consultant will coach and assist the student with each of these connections.

The Career Consultant meets with the students at least once per week or as needed to mentor and coach the students in issues that they face in their academic settings.  They will take data on the student’s current progress in being connected to the academic and behavioral requirements of high school.  The mentor’s responsibility is to develop and maintain contact with the family to ensure that there is follow through regarding in-school and out of school needs and events.

Back to Basics or B2B’s desired outcome is to enable the students to become more engaged in the educational process.  The following are the goals of the program.

  • The student remains in school and graduates from high school.
  • Students engage in less behavioral issues and improve their grades.
  • Student attendance and on time performance improves.
  • Completion of student assignments including homework and projects improve.
  • Student is more engaged in overall school activities or career activities that lead to a more productive lifestyle.
  • Families are in touch with student activities and grades.


Districts interested in this program can contact CEO at 631-234-6064.