Career and Employment Options, Inc. (CEO) was founded on the belief that the unemployment and underemployment rate for students in special education and adults with disabilities is not a social ill to be managed, but to change.  CEO has dedicated itself to the premise that all individuals must be given an opportunity that puts them on equal footing to compete in today’s job market.

Career and Employment Options, Inc. (CEO) has been a provider for ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation) since 2008. ACCES-VR is a component of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) that provides vocational services to individuals with disabilities.

CEO can work with an individual in the following service areas through ACCES-VR:

Job Placement Services:

Job placement services are employment related services necessary to obtain and retain gainful employment.

Job Placement services are primarily a service that assumes that the client is capable of performing independently after services are provided and job placement is made. Job placement services like all support services is not only what the provider offers but the partnership of combining the efforts of the provider and client toward the ultimate goal of employment. The most likely person to achieve their career goals is that person who works cooperatively with the provider and the provider who is sensitive and works cooperatively with their client.

CEO is one of the only agencies that have staff with over 30 years of experience in employment services for students and adults with disabilities. This experience has been demonstrated by CEO’s placement rate of 30% higher than the regional average and 30% higher than the state average.

We are proud of this accomplishment but believe it is only a sign of our commitment to our clients and our confidence in their ability to become part of the workforce. It is also a reflection of the relationships CEO has with Long Island businesses for job placements.

While receiving job placement services a client can expect to obtain the necessary skills to participate in the job search process. Services can include: Work place behavior skills training, job application skills, job seeking skills, resume/cover letter development and interview skills training.  CEO clients can benefit from the utilization of our employment curriculum while receiving placement services.

Once the job has been acquired and the individual is placed, CEO Career Consultants maintain contact with their clients and troubleshoot potential problems. Services end after 90 days of employment and the client is now capable of maintaining themselves in the workplace.

Job coaching services:

CEO provides coaching for individuals in paid work experiences. CEO utilizes these services in way that enables individuals to maintain employment. CEO Career Consultants have been trained in ensuring the individual’s needs are identified and a plan is put in place that will best utilize the time allocated for the individual. This includes: natural supports, task training, social skills in the work place, transportation issue and any other potential needs that need to be addressed.

Youth Employment services (YES)

Transition age youth are assisted through the provision of pre-employment, employment and related services with the goal of preparing them for successful long term employment consistent with their strengths, abilities, capabilities and interests. Transition age youth are considered those who apply to ACCES-VR prior to age 25. CEO is uniquely positioned through our work with school districts to provide an extension of the necessary transition plan that can be provided in addition to schools.

Components of YES include:

Work readiness: Work readiness Services include components that enable an individual to develop the following capacities for achieving and maintaining employment. Work behaviors, social skills in the work setting, effective communication, accepting supervision, problem solving, grooming and hygiene, goal setting and work tolerance. Other address that can be addressed include: Work related daily living skills, disability awareness, work traits and work ethics.

Work experience development: The development if an internship, work-try-out or work based learning experience. Since CEO’s primary focus is always the individual, CEO is able to look closely at the individual and develop the appropriate work site for them based on their expressed interests as well as their abilities and capabilities.

Provider Assisted Community Work Experience: CEO has developed a company called “CEO Support Staffing” which allows CEO to provide individuals with paid work experience in a real work setting to gain the skills needed to be employed.

College coaching services

This service is used to provide an individual with coaching necessary to allow them successfully participate in college or post-secondary training programs. It is not an academic/tutoring service but focuses on skills needed to be successful in the academic and social settings of post-secondary education. CEO has developed a college prep program that provides individuals with instruction and strategies in the following areas to help them be successful on the post-secondary level:

  • Self Determination or helping the student develop goals and strategies to achieve them.
  • Executive functioning or organizational skills and how to improve them.
  • Self-Advocacy and how to present your skills and needs in the college setting.
  • Social skill development and how best to understand the social issues in college
  • Orientation and scheduling in order to be successful in college.

 Assessment services:

Assessment services are designed to help both the client and ACCES-VR counselor develop an appropriate IPE (individualized Plan of Employment) goal. A Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) helps in the process of developing an IPE goal as the assessment evaluates an individual’s skills, aptitudes, interests, capacities, work readiness, and functional limitations. It also provides suggested vocational options in keeping with these findings.  The assessment can also include an appraisal of the patterns of work behavior of the individual and services needed for the individual to acquire occupational skills and to develop work attitudes, work tolerance, and work related behaviors necessary for successful job performance.

CEO administered its assessments individually or in small groups.  CEO utilizes the latest assessment instruments to measure an individual’s academic achievement, aptitudes, cognitive abilities, personality, vocational interests, and sensory/motor skills and compares them to an appropriate sample population.

With ACCES-VR approval, CEO can perform a situational assessment (assesses skills abilities, strengths, barriers and need for support in a competitive work environment) within a community based worksite.  This type of assessment gives the individual hands-on experience in an actual worksite allowing direct observations by the evaluator, where independent capability and industry standard are measured. CEO has a number of businesses that are willing to work with an individual to gather data about vocational abilities. 

Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation Technology services: 

CEO is capable of creating assessments and evaluations of client needs and capabilities for using assistive rehabilitation technologies. Training on recommended equipment and software can be offered on the job site, at a client’s residence or at the CEO training and evaluation room, depending on the client’s needs. CEO’s Assistive Technology Evaluator is a RENSA nationally certified assistive technology provider (A.T.P)

Benefits advisement:

Individuals with disabilities are often involved with or could benefit from a range of benefit programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid and Medicare. All benefit programs have criteria for initial or continued coverage.

Benefits advisement allows an individual to make informed choices concerning the range of benefits they receive or that are available to them including, the work incentives available to them as they participate in education, training and employment.

CEO has a certified benefits planner through Cornell University on staff to work with any individual that feels that they need benefits advisement or an understanding of what benefits are available to them.

CEO’s purpose is to work with an individual to provide a teaching/coaching instructional format for those core skills that individuals with disabilities will need in the work place. Through direct and indirect services, adherence to ACCES-VR performance indicators, implementation of IPE (Individualized Plan of Employment) goals and activities, we enable individuals to achieve the goals they have set forth for themselves. All of CEO’s staff are Master’s level special education teachers, school counselors, and vocational rehabilitation counselors and have been trained in Transition Services Models and the function of ACCES-VR.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about CEO vocational services through ACCES-VR, please contact Brian Levine, The Administrator of Vocational and Evaluation Services at 631-234-6064 or email