Core Values

The 8 Core Values of Career and Employment Options, Inc.

1. Client/Student satisfaction – We work hard to develop enthusiastically satisfied Clients/Students/School Districts all the time, in order to close the employment gap between people with learning needs and those without learning needs. We focus on the quality of our services in every aspect from initial meetings of student/clients to the service notes to how they transition from our programs. 

2. Employee Satisfaction – We believe that the men and women of CEO will always be our most important asset. We strive to make their work environment comfortable and work with our staff to fulfill their needs.  We strive to develop the skills and capabilities of every staff person in the company.

3. Excellence/Leadership – We apply the highest standards of excellence to everything we do. We are leaders in our area of expertise and will continue to innovate and “lead the pack in new and exciting ways.”  We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We have a compelling desire to improve and to be leaders in the marketplace.  Leadership in a field is the culmination of the use of analytics and providing solutions from that data.

4. Honesty/Integrity – We always strive to do the right thing, we are honest and straightforward with each other, our /staff/students/clients and the school districts we work for. We operate within the letter of the law.  We uphold the values and principles of CEO in everything we do. We value open and honest communication in all we do.

5. Diversity/Respect – We embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business. Respect differences among team members, students/clients and communities. Take advantage of different perspectives, learn from each other. We strive to provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

6. Accountability/Ownership – We accept personal responsibility to meet the Clients/School District needs, improve our systems, and help our staff improve their effectiveness. We take ownership for our actions (and inactions). We act like we are all owners in this company and take ownership for our part in the company’s success.  We make mistakes, and learn from them, they make us a stronger and better company.  We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgement.

7. Teamwork – We approach teamwork based on a philosophy that each team member brings unique experience and important expertise to all we do. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters teamwork and supports, collaboration, continuous learning, and openness to new ideas. Team approaches to a “virtual organization” is inherently difficult, however through technology and defined meetings, we move forward in our efforts toward greater teamwork in all we do.

8. Continuous LearningWe are always learning, innovating and we gain knowledge and we share knowledge through our motto, “Innovation through Collaboration and Cooperation”.